Developing the Cohesiveness of a Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit Executive Boards that are made up of 100% volunteers presents interesting challenges in ensuring that everyone is always on the same page and has access to the same information.

Since 2013, BOLT Group, LLC has provided services to Destination Imagination, an international creativity tournament for K-university grade levels. On a local level, BGLLC works with Ohio Kids for Creativity (OKC), the non-profit organization that supports the Ohio Affiliate (chapter) of Destination Imagination.

Remote support – website development/management

Since 2017, BOLT Group, LLC has been providing domain name registration, website hosting and design, and user management services for the OKC directors. Included in these services are managing 6 regional and state tournament registration forms, managing user access to data collected on the website, establishing a GSuite for Non-Profits account with email addresses and email lists, and managing information available to the general public on the website.

Onsite support – technology services

BGLLC provides onsite support at regional and affiliate tournaments to ensure technology functions as expected. This support includes the set-up, maintenance, and break-down of technology for tournaments (computers, printers, networking, etc.) as well as data entry into the tournament computers. As part of data entry involves overseeing and training volunteers to assist with data entry and the organization of data in the tournament score room.

International support – training and development

Beginning in 2018, BGLLC has been involved in a larger scale to develop training for, promote, and support the implementation of mobile scoring to all tournaments within the international organization. Mobile scoring provides additional functionality, increased efficiency, and a reduction of paper and necessary volunteers to run a tournament’s score room. As part of this endeavor, BOLT Group, LLC develops text documentation and training videos that are made available to tournament officials around the world.

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Matthew Evins

Matthew is the Founding Consultant with BOLT Group, LLC. Focusing in leadership and team development, Matthew has 10 years of experience working with faculty, staff, administrators, teams, and individuals to reach their maximum potential.