Creating Videos for Understanding

Over the course of a software implementation, one of the important steps is ensuring that adequate documentation and video exist for the end users to understand the functionality, features, and drawbacks of using a new tool or application. While face-to-face (or synchronous) training is preferred and tends to be the most informative, providing a collection of self-service training resources is helpful when looking to scale the roll-out of the tool.

Several projects that I have been involved in have required that a collection of training documentation/videos be created to help onboard and support end users. While documentation is something that I cover in other portfolio narratives, I’ve provided 2 short training videos that I have created for various projects in the past few months.

New Website Navigation

This first video provides users with an understanding of how the eCommerce portion of a new public-facing website functions.

New Phone Systems

In Fall 2018, this organization implemented an updated phone system and asked that I create a number of training videos to showcase the features that the new system provided.

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Matthew Evins

Matthew is the Founding Consultant with BOLT Group, LLC. Focusing in leadership and team development, Matthew has 10 years of experience working with faculty, staff, administrators, teams, and individuals to reach their maximum potential.