Understanding the Technology at Your Fingertips

In many organizations, there exists a plethora of tools designed to help employees, team members, customers, or students be more efficient in getting things done. However, with all of the technology that exists, oftentimes the end users don’t know what features and functionalities are available in the tools made available to them.

Below are 2 examples of documentation I have created to help end users learn how to us the technology that is available to them.

It is important when implementing new technology or software, whether it’s for a single department or across an entire organization, that documentation exists to ensure the end users are able to utilize the product as effectively as possible.

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Matthew Evins

Matthew is the Founding Consultant with BOLT Group, LLC. Focusing in leadership and team development, Matthew has 10 years of experience working with faculty, staff, administrators, teams, and individuals to reach their maximum potential.