Rebranded and Re-Energized

When Mevins Consulting, LLC began operating 10 years ago, I focused my work on website design, website hosting, and various forms of technology consulting. Not having much/any experience with marketing or business development, Mevins Consulting, LLC functioned through word-of-mouth and the work I did was mostly basic website design and computer repair. Knowing that everyone has to start somewhere, I embraced the opportunities and built my initial client base.

From Oxford, Ohio to Houston, Texas, and back to Dayton, Ohio, Mevins Consulting, LLC has worked with clients from all over the country. Over time, the services I provided moved away from computer repair and more towards website design & hosting and database management. Around 2012, I started venturing into video production and live-streaming at educational conferences.

Fast forward to 2015. Video production and live-streaming services faded away. I decided to focus my time on leadership development, coaching, and team building. Having spent time developing various training sessions to support college students, departments/teams looking to increase communication and efficiency, and individuals wanting to be better leaders, these trainings have proven to be successful. As I began delivering these trainings and saw the results of the participants, I came to the realization that this is the focus that I want to have moving forward. This focus, however, is in addition to the website design/hosting and database management that I am already doing. Those services will not change.

With some personal events resulting in me relocating to Austin, Texas, I decided that it was time to take the shift of Mevins Consulting, LLC to another level. That’s why as of June 1, Mevins Consulting, LLC will begin operating as BOLT Group, LLC.

If you are a current client of Mevins Consulting, LLC, I welcome you to the new BOLT Group, LLC. Our services will continue to evolve but our commitment to customer service remains the same.

If you are not yet a client, I invite you to contact me for website design/hosting, leadership and/or team building development, or database management. I guarantee that BOLT Group, LLC will provide services to Build your Organizations, Leaders, and Teams.

Welcome to BOLT Group, LLC.

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Matthew Evins

Matthew is the Founding Consultant with BOLT Group, LLC. Focusing in leadership and team development, Matthew has 10 years of experience working with faculty, staff, administrators, teams, and individuals to reach their maximum potential.